Must-have Christmas Decorative Items

Must-have Christmas Decorative Items

Even though it’s just days away, it’s still not too late to get to work and improve on your Christmas decorations. 

Snowflake Christmas Lights

Who doesn’t like sparkly Christmas lights? Whether hung indoors or outdoors, they create a wonderful festive atmosphere. These gorgeous snowflake lights are waterproof too. Perfect for lighting up homes, streets or trees.

A user’s review: “My wife said, I love Christmas and I start getting my stuff together before Christmas so I can picture where and how I want to decorate when I saw those light I know they would be for my stairs, I love the color, how easy you can control the modes and they work with batteries so even if you’re not close to an outlet you can make them work.”

Christmas Trees

Christmas would never feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree. And artificial trees are generally safer and less messy. This beautiful tree features a strong artificial bark from its metal base up the full-length of its trunk, and the snow-flocked profile gives off a magical wintry feel.

User’s review: “These trees are perfect! I got two, one for each side of my tv and they look great! The tree itself comes in 3 sections so it's very easy to assemble. I have already gotten so many compliments on them!”

Snowflake Window Clings

A quick and easy way to decorate windows is to use these Snowflake Window Clings. They’re glueless and even reusable. Just save the backing they came on and store them flat. 

User’s Review: “Expected one sheet, received three!!! Very beautiful and easy to stick on. Stays on better than others I've bought. Now every mirror and glass door in my house is covered in snowflakes!”

Door Frame Banners

Complement your holiday decorations with these Christmas Door Frame Banner that could also work as wall hangings. Choose from a variety of designs to suit your front porch/door.

A User’s review: “I am impressed with the fabric and size. They are true to the picture being large pieces.”

Christmas Garland 

Garlands can be used in so many ways when decorating a home. Use them around the dinner table or other furniture items; wrap them along banisters and handrails; place them outside around fences.

A User's review: “This garland is a great purchase! It’s full, realistic and festive. I bought this for decor in a commercial space and it draws the eye to space perfectly!”

Wooden Christmas Ornaments 

These Christmas ornaments can be easily hung on doors, windows, and walls. They’d look beautiful in the kitchen or on the fireplace mantel.

User Review: “These signs were about the size of a 9x13 picture frame, give or take. And absolutely adorable!”

GenSwin Flameless Led Candles

These Flameless pillar candles aren’t just pretty, they’re also safe for your home. Create the perfect ambiance with peace of mind.

A user review: “Absolutely love these! I decorated my bathroom with a bear and moose theme. I have received several compliments on these flameless candles.”


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