Best gifts for Tech lovers for Christmas 2021

Best gifts for Tech lovers for Christmas 2021

This Christmas, are you looking for the right gadget for that tech junkie friend of yours? These cool items will be the perfect gifts for tech lovers of all kinds.

Digital Canvas

The Digital Canvas provides a mixed vibe of traditional drawing and modern technology. The best bit about this digital tablet is its high compatibility with software like Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s also the perfect gift for any emerging artist. 


The Digital Canvas is available on Amazon for just $33.95.

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Is your tech-loving friend also a fitness freak? Get them a Fitbit Activity Tracker this Christmas. It is the most advanced smartwatch that keeps track of your every activity, monitors heart rate, sleep, calorie burn, and oh yes, it is waterproof!

Get this on Amazon for $133.00. Available in various colors. 

3D Printing Pen

The 3D Printing Pen, one of the most innovative inventions of this decade, turns imagination into reality. It is easy to use, affordable, and has an endless number of uses. Whether for an aspiring artist or professional designer, this masterpiece of innovation will give them the best 3D drawing experience.

Buy this on Amazon for $79.99.

Mini Photo Printer

Available in rose gold, mint green, and slate gray, Canon's IVY mini pocket-sized photo printer prints 2x3-inch photos with peel and stick backing directly from a smartphone. It is super portable and compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Get on Amazon now for $89.99.

Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

It’s a mat that talks! Yes, you read it right. This mat can be paired with Women’s Health Yoga sessions on Amazon Alexa, so your mat also be your guide during your yoga sessions! The material is soft, and the mat is self-rolling and large enough for most activities.


Buy it now on Amazon for $89.95.

Smart Mug

The award-winning Smart Mug is the most advanced beverage holder in the market. It allows you to set and maintain your preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages. 


Available on Amazon for just $129.95

Smart Dog Collar 

Any dog owners on your Christmas gift lists? If so, what could be better than this Smart Dog Collar for them and their furry friend. With its sporty yet classy leather look, this GPS smart collar not only looks the part, but it also keeps track of a dog’s activity, location, and general health.

Get it on Amazon for just $99.99.

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