GiftList - The Best Wishlist, Gift Registry, and Gift Tracking App Available on Google Playstore and AppStore

GiftList - The Best Wishlist, Gift Registry, and Gift Tracking App Available on Google Playstore and AppStore

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time for all of us to start working on our holiday gift list. These days, a pen-and-paper approach might be too old-fashioned, especially when there’s such a wide range of apps available to us. But hunting down the best Christmas list app can be a time-consuming task. That’s why we’d like to tell you why GiftList is the best gift list app you could use this season for organizing your gift lists, available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  

While there are other wishlist apps out there such as Giftster, Gifthero, and Christmas Gift List, none of them boasts as many features as GiftList. GiftList is the only wish list app that allows you to browse more than 100 brands and online stores for gifts, create wish lists, share lists with friends, and even chat with friends to discreetly plan your gift giving efforts. All these features make GiftList the most robust Christmas gift list tracker on the market, giving you all the help you need with gift suggestions and planning this year.

GiftList allows you to connect with friends and family. Simply search for your loved ones’ usernames from the Friends tab and send them a request. Onçe you’ve connected with them, both parties will be able to see each others’ gift lists. You don’t have to worry if you prefer to be discreet with your gift giving plans too. All lists can be set to Public, or Friends-Only, or Everyone. You can even customize gifts list to be viewable by a selected group of friends. Once lists have been created, the Chat function allows you to chat about lists discreetly to plan gift giving. GiftList is the only app that gives you options to be as public or as private as you want with your wish lists. You can create a list for yourself that’s private, or create a list that’s public and shareable to any social platform to ensure you always get what you’re hoping for on the best family gift registry in the app store!

One of the best bits about GiftList is that once logged in, you can browse more than 100 online stores or brands including major players like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. Simply browse their list of items and add them to your gift list page. The app instantly includes the image, price, description and web link to add gift items. When your friends look at a gift on your list, they can simply click on that link and be directed to the actual store to purchase it for you. From the most popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and Apple, to more niche stores like Sephora or Victoria’s Secret, we’re sure you’ll find gifts for yourself or for your loved ones with ease.

To make things even easier for you, GiftList is also available as a web app. You can access your GiftList account from any web browser by going to To accompany the web app, GiftList has launched the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser extensions. With the extensions installed, you can scan any webpage on the internet as you’re browsing for gifts and add them to your gift lists instantly.  

The Sharing function on GiftList allows you to quickly and easily share lists with friends who are waiting eagerly to know what you’re hoping for this Christmas. Sharing ‘my gift list’ is made so simple with GiftList. You can share your lists with them via social media such as Whatsapp or Facebook, or even copy your list into an email.


The Chat function on GiftList is one of the key features that sets it apart from other apps such as Giftster, Gifthero, and Christmas Gift List. A chat room is available for every single list made in GiftList. Everyone who has access to that wish list, can discuss items on that list, make plans to go halfsies, or even suggest other gifts for the list owner. All this without the knowledge of the soon-to-be gift receiver.


Almost every mobile app these days chooses to run ads in their interface, but GiftList has not jumped on the bandwagon. Users will find GiftList completely ad-free, unlike most other present list apps. Making your user experience more enjoyable is GiftList’s priority. Hence, the only notifications you will receive are all geared toward helping you get the most out of the app. Users will receive notifications for friend requests, as well as every time a friend adds a new gift to their list. That way, you will never miss out on changes they’ve made to their Christmas wish lists.


So whether you’re on an iOS or Android device, or simply want to plan your Christmas wish lists from your laptop, GiftList is the only app you need. It is the most complete gift registry and gift tracking app available. Download GiftList from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today! If you’re using GiftList on the web, don’t forget to download the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser extensions. Hurry up and get started on your gift lists today, Christmas is almost here!

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