Find Christmas wishlist ideas on the best free Christmas app available

Find Christmas wishlist ideas on the best free Christmas app available

The Christmas season is here and so is a new updated and improved version of our GiftList app! First launched in 2019, this free gift wishlist app can be found on our wishlist website, on the iOS Apple app store, and on the Android Google Play store.

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More about GiftList

GiftList makes tracking Christmas giving easy! You can easily find what gifts you want, share lists you create with others, and have presents bought online for you without knowing who the gifts will come from. The app helps wishlist makers buy the right gift every time, and get exactly what they want. You can find a list and add gifts from major outlets like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Apple, and 300+ more. You can also suggest gifts on others’ lists, reserve items on friends' and family members’ lists to make sure gifts aren't bought twice, and manage all the items reserved from various wish lists all within the app. Create your wishlist today!


What makes GiftList different? 

Group Chat - Everyone on a list can chat with each other to talk about who is getting what, split gift purchases, and share new Christmas wish list ideas. 

Gifts from Anywhere - GiftList has the most options for adding gifts. There are 300+ brands to search within the app, and functionality to ‘share’ any URL on mobile from Safari to an online wishlist. Chrome and Firefox plugins are available to scan any webpage for gift details as well!

A Comprehensive Solution - With GiftList, you can create ‘my Christmas wishlist’, track loved ones’ lists, chat, reserve, and buy gifts all within one app.

“This app is great! Keeps our family on track and we know what has been purchased without alerting the recipient.” - User review from 2020


Once you share a Christmas wish list, family and friends have the option to buy a gift or sign up for GiftList to be able to plan their holiday gift buying for you with others. This tool also allows you to avoid the extra hassle of gift planning on your own so you can always get what you are hoping for! Do you want to save time this Christmas giving season? Find GiftList on the wishlist app store and download the best gift tracking app now to help make your holiday giving easy this year. Get what you want and give what they want this Christmas with GiftList!

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