Christmas Table Décor ideas 2020

Christmas Table Décor ideas 2020

Christmas is just a few days away, so everyone must be busy decorating their houses, gardens, workplaces, patios with beautiful wreaths, Christmas garland, and Merry Christmas lights. It's high time to bring the creativity out and in every corner of your house. Meanwhile, decorating your houses and spaces do not forget to decorate your tables because it is as important as every other thing. Christmas dinner is something people remember for a long time, so make it even more special by decorating your table differently this year. 

The gift list brings you some striking ideas that will definitely work for you.  

Floral and color themes 


Flowers lift everyone's mood and spirits, and they bring all the colors of happiness and holiday to life. They can serve as centerpieces or can be used for specific color theme-oriented Christmas dinner or lunch. Why don't you try something different this year by breaking stereotypical Christmas parties? Go for a yellow or blue, or green colored-theme. You can play with different colors, it won't be just fun but will be more thoughtful and creative to do!


Christmas is not complete without its classic reds and green. A red-themed Christmas dinner is something that your guests will remember for a long time. Deep reds with a hint of green and some beautifully scented candles will add another feather in the cap as it gives you the perfect festive vibe! 

Table Runner 

Table runners are as important as Christmas trees during the time of Christmas! We don't need the old ones from last year. Here are some trending table runners that you can try experimenting with.
Classic embroidered table runners never go out of fashion! Or else you can try something more tech-geek kind of table runner it shines bright and makes everything even better with those light lights in it. A minimal table runner is a star item. It's basic, festive, and very minimal and modern at the same time. The other we have got for you has to be our favorite, a beautiful mix of cotton, burlap, and embroidery. It is fancy, festive, and minimal. A perfect pick indeed!


2020 has already been a bumpy ride for everyone and since it's Christmas, let's just give our guests and family some good time and memories to cherish forever. It's not the time for basic and regular cutlery. We have got your back, present you with the cutlery inspiration you needed. 
All black with intricate design at the end is all you need this year on your Christmas dinner table. Or else you can try evergreen gold with wooden or plastic details. Then we have sterling silver along with gorgeous design at your service, which can do wonders on your dinner table! They are everyone’s go-to and absolute favorite.  


“Minimalism is not about having less, it is about having more room for what matters” 

Picking the right item and the constant juggle between what goes with what and not. Either you want table decoration, whether it's some color themed dinner or a quintessential party. We have got you some latest table decor trends that you can play with this year. The first option we have is none other than the minimal monochrome theme, which you can top with contrasting colors such as white and gold or black with either silver or gold. Perfect red and greens can work as well if complemented with some beautiful flowers and scented candles. That sounds like a great idea, right? 

Wine Glasses

No celebration is complete without cocktails and some fine wine. As exquisite as your drinks are, your vine glasses are supposed to be a real deal too. Throw those old fashioned stereotypical vines glasses out of the window right away because GiftList would like to introduce these trendy and as classy as it can get wine glasses. They will make your drink counters look even more eye-catching, and your drinks taste even better in them. Get your hands on these latest wine glasses now! They are everything you need on your dinner table this Christmas dinner. 

Tahir Khan