Fabulous five games to play on Christmas Eve

Fabulous five games to play on Christmas Eve

GiftList is here to spice up your Christmas 2020! Following are the fantastic five games that you can play with your friends and family.

Ticket To Ride

There are so many board games trending, and one of them is a ticket to ride. This board game is the bestseller and star product of GiftList. It is a fast-paced multiplayer game that falls in the genre of “strategy”. You can have this Ticket to Ride board game for Christmas 2020 and bring unlimited challenges and cosmic fun before the year ends. 
How to play: The player has to connect iconic North American cities and build their own train routes to earn points. Players must compete to grab the best train cards and routes before their opponents do.
Available on Amazon for $43.88


Sequence Luxury Edition

Another “strategy” game that can be found on everyone’s wish list is the "sequence". It is a multiplayer game that 2 to 12 people can play at once altogether. Brace yourself for limitless fun and joy this Christmas eve!
How to play: Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a subsequent space on the game mat- when you have five in a row, it’s a SEQUENCE!
Available on Amazon for $29.99

Taboo Kids vs. Parents 

A very affordable and fun game it is. Taboo came into playback in the 80s and since then, no one got over this party game. It is a classic card game that you can play with your friends and family. This new version allows kids to play also. It looks like a perfect Christmas family game.
How to play: There are two decks, one for the kids and one for the parents. Decks contain 1000 words on 260 cards. The objective of the game is for a teammate the guess word on the card without saying the forbidden words. If forbidden comes out, the opponent team gets the point!
Available on Amazon for $12.51


Catan is one of the most popular games among kids and adults. This game is here to knock on all the doors of how you can strategize, trade resources, challenge, save, and build your civilization. No wonder why thi s game won multiple awards. Another game to go in your wishlist this festive season for sure.
How to play: Use your skills to strategize, trade resources, harvest, help your civilization to prosper, beware of robbers plan, and do not forget to have fun doing everything.
Available on Amazon for $43.88


UNO needs no introduction! ​UNO is the classic family card game that's easy to learn and so much fun to play! It is a multiplayer game that is suitable for all ages. What is Christmas fun without any rounds of the UNO game?  
How to play: Shuffle the deck, distribute equal amounts of cards among the players, and then one by one start matching the face-up card in the deck. Either match with color or number and keep there are some special cards as well such as wild, draw 4 and reverse card. The players have to play accordingly as per the card that has got played before them. 
Available on Amazon for $9.99


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