What Makes GiftList the Most Complete Wish List App Available?

What Makes GiftList the Most Complete Wish List App Available?

With Christmas just around the corner, quality time with family and unconscionable amounts of food aren’t the only things on our minds. We’re also thinking about gifts! And what better way to ensure that we get what we want this year than sharing our Christmas list with our friends and family?

The developers of GiftList have produced the most robust Christmas list maker app available to ensure you’ll Always Get What You’re Hoping For! But what makes GiftList the only wish list app you need for this holiday season? In this blog post we will take a look at all of GiftList’s key features that set it apart from its competitors:

1.       Multiple Ways to Add Gifts

GiftList allows you to add gifts by browsing all the top online merchants directly through the app. You can add any product from the most popular stores directly to your selected list. Almost anything you want can be found as GiftList boasts a wide range of merchants, from multi-category product vendors like Amazon and Walmart to niche product brands like Aeropostale (for clothing) and TackleDirect (for outdoor equipment).

Alternatively, you could also create a custom gift by taking a picture with your device’s camera and adding details of the gift idea manually. With GiftList, you can customize each gift idea that you add to your list with added details so friends and family won’t make mistakes when they buy a gift for you.

2.       Sharing Lists Made Easy

GiftList allows you to share lists through all the most popular forms of social media like Facebook or WhatsApp. You can also do it through email or copy your entire list and post it anywhere else. Create a Christmas list on GiftList and start sharing it today!

3.       Buying Through the App

GiftList connects you directly to online merchants, making shopping for gifts quick and easy. When you add any gift from a store, the link is saved with the gift idea. Your friends and family can simply click on the gift and buy it for you with ease and without ever getting the specifications wrong.

4.       Discreet Reserving of Gifts

One of the most stand-out features of GiftList is the Reserving and Bought options for gifts you plan to buy for others. If you see a gift on a friend’s list that you wish to buy for them, simply Reserve it and everyone else will know not to buy that same gift for them. After you’ve bought the gift, you can also mark it as Bought. All these activities are done without the knowledge of the would-be gift recipient. So it will still be a surprise for them when they receive your gift. Similar to a Santa Secret gift, GiftList allows the user to not know who a gift is coming from until it is opened on Christmas day!

5.       Gift Buying Planner & Tracker

The I’m Buying section of GiftList is a shopping list of sorts. It allows you to look at all the gifts you have reserved and therefore plan to purchase for your friends. This way you’ll never forget anyone this Christmas with this perfect Christmas tracker app.

6.       Collaboration with Others

Another unique feature of GiftList is its chat function. It allows multiple users to chat about a friend’s list, without them knowing. You may make plans such as pooling together funds to get a more expensive gift for someone. This feature is especially useful for families who are discussing gift buying plans for a particular family member. Use this feature in the app to not let anyone know who is getting what until Christmas!

7.       Browser Extensions for Web Users

If you’re using GiftList’s web app, the browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox make it easy for you to add gifts directly into your lists from any website.

8.       It’s Free-to-Use and Ad-Free

Unlike some of the other wish list apps available, GiftList is completely free! It’s also completely ad-free, so none of those annoying pop-up ads flickering ads at the bottom of your screen. GiftList is a Christmas app free for everyone who wants to make their gift planning easy and hassle free!

With all of these useful features, it’s clear that GiftList is the only wishlist app you’ll need for your Christmas list planning this year. Download GiftList now and get started with your lists. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

GiftList Team

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