Always get what you’re hoping for!


Tired of receiving lame gifts you can’t wait to recycle at the next Secret Santa? Keep it simple for your friends and family to know exactly what you want. Create and share your perfect GiftList for any holiday, birthday, or celebration! Stressed over finding a great gift for your friend who has everything? Simply check out their GiftList and never gift a dud again! Frustrated showing up to birthdays with the same present as someone else? Discretely chat with mutual friends, suggest new gifts, and mark off purchased items to ensure duplicate presents are a thing of the past. Get everything you actually want for yourself and always give the perfect gift!

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How It Works!

Sign up & create your personal GiftList, view your friends’ lists, and browse the hottest Brands. workslide1
Organize your gift ideas by category, event, or brand, and suggest gifts for friends. workslide2
Share your GiftList with friends and family members. workslide3
Correlate specific GiftLists with event dates. workslide4
Mark items as bought or reserved to avoid purchasing duplicate gifts. workslide5